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Leaving a Media Record of Your Family History

Yesterday I attended an all day seminar sponsored by my local genealogy society.  As always, I learned something new and enjoyed the camaraderie of others who are passionate about genealogy.  Lisa Louise Cooke was the primary speaker and I absolutely fell in love with her use of media to share her family stories.  I agree with her that the family members that get that glazed over look when you start talking about ancestors would show an interest in a short video presentations that highlighted an ancestor's life.

Lisa used Animoto and I plan to explore that site in the next few weeks (as soon as my new floors are in and the dust can finally settle!)  On the long drive home I thought about several "stories" I could portray.  I'd love to do one including 8 mm movie clips I have of my husband and his siblings for his retirement.  I'm thinking about making another for my DAR daughter tracing the line from the patriot to her.  Would definitely make one about farming …

Shaking Up Shakespeare's Identity

Found an interesting article in the TheGuardian that discusses a fascinating way that a researcher discovered William Shakespeare's relationship to his father.   Read Sherlock Holmes of the Library Cracks Shakespeare's Identity for a unique genealogical toolbox idea.

Home Renovations Then and Now

Oh, the joys of home ownership!  We started our mostly do-it-yourself project with gutting the kitchen the day after Thanksgiving.  I was hoping it would be done by Monday, President's Day, but it isn't going to happen because the microwave that was supposed to be delivered Saturday got pushed back to Monday because of a snafu between the store and the delivery person and the window installer who was supposed to install the new windows on Monday had a family emergency so I don't have a date for when that will be finished.  We're still waiting on four trim pieces for the cabinets that never came in last month with the rest of the order and hubby can't finish the backsplash and the floor tile until the window is in and the trim is done.  And that's just the beginning of the project!
We're removing the rest of the tile in the house on Tuesday, installing new sliders, painting and then adding new flooring over the upcoming months. Most of our belongings are in…

Dealing with Genealogical Disappointments

Besides blogging twice a week on Genealogy At Heart, I also guest blog occasionally for other organizations.  Check out my latest blog for AncestorCloud  - Dealing with Genealogical Disappointments.

Lighting the Path to a New Life

I’ve just returned from attending an awesome conference in New York City.  I love New York, no matter what season I visit!  Usually I think about my husband’s lines that were residents there during the New Netherland years but not this time.
Perhaps due to the current political climate and the fact that one of my colleagues couldn’t travel with us as she was taking her U.S. citizenship exam, I instead thought about a family emigration story on my maternal side. My great grandmother, Anna Grdenic Kos, arrived in the U.S. with two of her surviving children, my grandmother, Mary, and my Great Uncle Joseph, on 16 July 1913[1].   Anna’s husband, Joseph Sr., had come earlier, on 10 January 1910, to establish himself in America[2].  He was employed by the Pullman Company in Chicago after leaving the military life as a cavalry officer behind him in what was then Austria-Hungary.   Anna was raised as a country girl; a farmer’s daughter who was shy and thoughtful.  Anna never spoke about the b…

Listening While You Research

My hubby found a really interesting link a few weeks ago and I just had to share it.  Did you know that you can listen to a radio station from your computer? Simply visit Radio Garden and you'll be live streaming radio stations anywhere in the world.
If you're thinking this has nothing to do with genealogy, think again.
I tried it while doing some research to gain a better sense of the community.  I clicked on the locale from the map (any of the green dots) and was soon hearing WVLP-Valparaiso, Indiana.  Sure the area has changed since the time when the person I was researching lived there but Valpo remains an agriculture center which it was in the 1920's.  Sometimes, the more things change the more they remain the same!
Next time you need a little background noise give it a try.

Curse the Thief the Medieval Way

When you were in school, did you ever have an assignment that required you to use a specific text in a library?  As an undergrad in psychology, I often had to complete weekly required readings of journal articles.  High tailing it to the library was never the issue for me; what was absolutely awful was discovering that the required reading was (gasp!) missing.  And by missing I don't mean that someone was using it, I mean that some mean, no good, very bad person had left the book on the shelf but ripped out the sought after article.

Complaining to the media specialist was fruitless.  There staff was as limited then as today, there were no security cameras and few interlibrary loans.  Complaining to the professor helped somewhat; he/she often had the needed matierial in their office so you could read it to complete the assignment but you had to sit under their watchful eye and that was nerve wracking.

What frustrated me the most about those experiences was that they were ongoing…

More on Accessing Records

Last post I mentioned that access to valuable genealogical records may be limited due to proposed U.S. legislation.  Today I want to let you know about other valuable records that are just waiting to be viewed.  By becoming a NARA Citizen Archivist  you can help digitize records that are just waiting to be discovered.  Here's a few of the tasks that are need:



Uploading Photos

Contribute to Articles

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