Pursuing Genealogy on a Shoestring Budget - Part 3

This is the last in a series of posts about keeping the costs down on our very expensive practice.  Our running total for the frugal (accumulated in Parts 1 & 2) is less than $100.00 per year. Granted, that sum is based on using your local library for much of your research which could be problematic if your facility limits your time, has shortened hours due to budget cuts, and is difficult to reach, transportationwise.  That amount also does not include costs for renting microfilms from Familysearch or obtaining vital records.  Those two prices are set and non negotiable.  The best way around that is to find others who are researching your lines and are willing to share what they have found.  You may even get lucky and find that some kindhearted researcher has scanned and posted the vital you needed, thus saving you time and money.

The sites below are FREE and are good ways for you to connect with others who share your interest areas:

Ancestor Cloud - although it costs to hire their researchers, it does not cost anything to obtain their weekly emails or to view and post requests on their website.  They saved me the cost of traveling overseas  and I would use them again if the situation arises.  If you do need to pay for assistance, you negotiate the price so it will fit nicely in with your budget as opposed to other companies out there that have standard fees.

Blogs - geneabloggers is one of many that give helpful advice and resources without any cost to you. Just check out the main page and you'll see that founder Thomas MacEntree has loads of discounted genealogy related services listed.  Subscribe to their newsletter and you'll get the deals emailed to you as they become available.

Crestleaf will email a newsletter weekly with the updates to their records. Scroll down to check out their surname index, or browse by decade or location.  Lots of good free info for you to explore!

Cyndi's List - for the most comprehensive genealogy sources on the web.  This site will point you in the right direction, thus saving you time and money.

Genealogy in Time is another email "magazine" with helpful information.  Their website has a search engine that is powerful and there are lots of  articles to help you find those elusive ancestors.  Sign up for their Sunday email, "The Genealogy News" which includes links to genealogy news that occurred in the past week.  I love starting my week off by reading the "News" with my morning coffee.

Geneanet - is more than just a place to search; the community forum is a place to post your queries and if you have French ancestry, you must check out their searchable collection.  You can specify a surname you're interested in and receive an email when more information becomes available on their site.

Legacy - download the Standard edition family tree and view their training videos.  Although some do have a cost attached, their weekly webinars are free if you are able to watch them shortly after they've posted.

I've only scratched the surface of genealogical savings.  Deals are out there and the wise genealogist uses resources that give the most bang for the buck.  Happy Hunting!


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