Goodbye Picassa

Previously I've blogged about one of my favorite Google products, Picassa, to which I uploaded all of my photos, movies and images of records.  I'm sad to say that it'll be going away soon. Google stopped supporting it on March 15th.  It's being replaced by a product called Google Photo so if you were using Picassa you'll need to log into Google Photos to save your albums.  Supposedly, it'll be an easy transition.  Problem is there won't be editing software included and it won't scale uploaded photos. I'm planning on following their directions so I don't lose what I've saved this weekend.  I did click on the Photos link provided on the Google blog but the photos displayed weren't everything I had in my Picassa albums.  Possibly it's because I was signed in with a different email address.  I'm not panicking yet because I have hard copies and cds of everything but I certainly don't want to spend the time reuploading!  That's why I plan on checking it out this weekend and contacting Google before it's too late if I can't figure it out.  Looks like Google Photos has the facial recognition feature that I absolutely love.  New features on Photos begin on May 1st so I'm hoping that those will include fixes to the limitations that I've already mentioned.


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