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Midwest Magic

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Leesburg, Florida Genealogical Conference of the Ohio Genealogical Society, Florida Chapter  Debbie Mieszala, CG, presented on 3 topics:  Newspaper Research in the Midwest, Land Records in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Pulling Evidence from Beneath a Record's Surface.  I was especially interested in the Pennsylvania land records for the Kinship Determination Project I'm working on for my genealogical portfolio.
Having a horrible time locating a deed - I've checked with the county, actually two since one was split from the other, called and emailed the local historical society, public library, local genweb contact and genealogical society. Had found a genealogist who told me the probate records don't exist, after I spent $78.00 and gave her precisely what microfilm to look up in the courthouse.  Worst part was she laughed when she told me it wasn't there and didn't credit me for the time left I had paid for. She did ask…

Angel Pie

If you were looking through my family's treasurers you would find loads and loads of recipes.  I have my grandmother's favorite cookbooks, which take up a whole shelf in my den.  Non could read a recipe book like a novel. Seriously!  She'd start with the appetizers, underline, star, make changes and by the time she reached desserts had come up with a wonderful menu.  She loved everyone's culture so I have recipe books from every nationality.  Adding garlic and olive oil, she somehow made them all Mediterranean but it always smelled like heaven when you'd walk into her home, especially on a cold winter's day.
My co-worker is still going through her treasure trove boxes of genealogical records that she inherited from her grandmother. She has found 1 recipe, handwritten by someone names M. Bonnell who we haven't figured out how the person is related yet.  I Googled the recipe and there are versions of it out there, evidently it's an old family favorite in…

Family Reunion Episode on Finding Your Roots - A Must See!

Had an interesting week!  Attended two days of an awesome presentation at my schools called Challenge Day which challenges youth and adults to "be the change" in their communities.  It was physically and emotionally exhausting but in a good way. Instead of watching this week's episode of Finding Your Roots on PBS, I took a webinar offered by the Board of Certified Genealogists which was really interesting and I thought, more beneficial to me as I work in completing my portfolio for submission.
I caught up viewing the Finding Your Roots episode yesterday and want to encourage you to view it if you haven't already done so.
First, I must admit, I wasn't wild about the artists portrayed.  I'm not a rapper fan so LL Cool J and Sean Puffy Combs don't interest me.  Wow, was I surprised!  I seriously think this episode was THE BEST of all of the genealogical shows ever done.
No spoilers here - just watch it if you haven't seen it.  I loved the use of dna, I…

Unique Picture Find To Try!

Ever long for a picture of your great great grandparents?  You've dug through your grandparents attic, asked your great aunts and uncles, scowered the internet and came up with nothing!  Frustrating, certainly, but where there's a will, there's a way.
I was able to find a picture this week by simply contacting the church that was named in the ancestor's obituary and asking if they had a record of her.  Within 3 days I had received a note from the pastor who had asked the church historian to scan a copy of the couple's church registration card and several group photos for church organizations the wife had been a member of.  How cool is that!
I had the obituary for some time and just rereading it sent off a light bulb to see if the church where she was a member for 60 years was still in existence.  I wasn't counting on a response, as you know from previous blogs, I've been unsuccessful before with obtaining church records but this time was different.
Now tha… 30% Discount

Did you know if you are an AARP member you can receive a 30% discount on your membership?  That's a huge savings!
Last fall I received an over sized postcard in the mail from informing me about the discount.  I'm up for renewal soon so I called to have the offer applied.  All I needed was my AARP number which, of course, I didn't have in front of me.  The Ancestry Customer Service Rep recommended I call back a day or two before the expiration of my current account so that I could take full advantage of the offer as it is applied immediately to the day you call.  I won't work if you call AFTER the renewal date.  The offer is one time only and is applied as two six month concurrent memberships.  Works for me!
Since this is a sizable savings for my most expensive genealogy membership I began looking around at my other organizations to see if they offered discounts - checked Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealog…

Dumping Your Tree - A Radical Way To Correct Mistakes

Have you heard about the movement to abandon your family tree and start over again?  I first read about this trend last month as some genealogists decided to make this their New Year's resolution.
My first thought was, "Are you kidding me!?!  All these years of work abandoned to start over!  No, thanks."
The reasoning behind the idea is that many of us, when newbies, were happy clickers and not really evidence investigators.  By happy clickers I mean whenever I found info on someone's tree I would trust its accuracy and include it in my tree without ever analyzing it.  Thus, wrongly added info perpetuated errors as others copied it.
I know for fact this happened as recently I was investigating a collateral line for my Kinship Determination Project and uncovered an error that I've now found to have been copied by many others. Oops!  Although the error was innocent it really drives home the point that genealogists need to be careful and not rush.
I had found the…

A Haunting Visit in New Orleans

Last week was the first time I’ve returned to New Orleans in years and when a co-worker suggested going on the ghost tour I was reluctant.  I told the story of my haunted honeymoon and that made everyone accompanying me wanting to go on a tour even more.  I’m glad we booked, we had the most awesome tour guide, Dr. Z., whose knowledge of the city’s history was phenomenal!  I sent him the following story as I'm interested in discovering the history of what my husband and I experienced. We stayed in the French Quarter around December 27-30, 1977.  Our hotel was on Canal Street but I don’t know the address.  The experiences we had during our visit have stayed with us all these years and we’ve never quite had anything close to that happen to us again. When we checked in for our delayed honeymoon the front desk employee told us not to open the door to the balcony as the building was old and the condition of the balcony was not safe.  Of course, being young and foolish, I did not heed h…

Evernote...Ever so helpful

Back from my trip and I’m happy to report the first two generations of my Kinship Determination Project (KDP) is in draft form.  Do you use Evernote?  I use it on my Kindle to take notes at meetings but I’ve never used it while researching or for any of my other portfolio requirements.  Maybe because I do use it at my primary job I had little trouble working on the KDP using Evernote on my Kindle.  Who would have thought?!  So now I have another place to access the document.  I figure I can review it during down times where ever I might be.  It’s getting to be quite long at this point so I won’t be able to review all of it during say, a lunch break, but my latest plan is to look it over daily and then devote the weekends to moving forward.  My goal is to have the complete rough draft - all 3 generations - by the end of February and use spring break to seek out the few remaining records I’d like to find.  They may not exist but unless I seek them out in person I won’t know for sure. I…