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Another Duer Synchronocity!

I've written before about the odd experiences I've had when I research my Duer line (to read - type Duer in the search box on my website  I just had another one...

Earlier this month, someone found my Duer info that I've posted in numerous places online - my website,,,,, and emailed me as he is a descendant of John P and Susannah Miller Duer.  We've been exchanging emails and he has been in contact with another distant cousin who has had DNA tested through  She compiled a very nice DNA chart of the descendants of John and Susannah. 

On Friday, I received an email from a third distant cousin who is trying to find info on one of John's sons, Joseph, who has been rather elusive.  At the same time she was emailing me asking about additional info, I received the email from the first cousin with the chart made by another cousin who just happens to be descended from this Joseph.

Genealogy Reminders from Coco

If you haven't seen the Disney movie that came out last fall, Coco, then you must do it soon.  I'm not the kind of person that watches the same shows again and again but I have seen Coco 3 times.  Here's why I think Coco is important to genealogy and will help you with your research:

Customs - the story takes place in Mexico on the eve of Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.  Even though my family never celebrated that holiday, we sure celebrated many others.  Think back to your own childhood and identify customs that your family practiced.  Did Aunt Marge always bring a special dish?  If so, ask why before it's too late.  I regret not writing down the words in Croatian that my grandparents said before Christmas Eve dinner.  I know it was brought with them from the Old Country but unfortunately, that custom is now lost to me. 

Photo clues - One of my favorite parts of Coco is the altar of photos.  I don't have that layout but I do have a family tree of photos on…

Helix Results Have Arrived

I got the results of my Helix-National Geographic DNA test back this week.  I had sent it off the day after Christmas at the same time two family members mailed their samples to  Ancestry had the results back 3 weeks ago so I patiently waited my Helix analysis.

If you're planning to test with Helix, please know that you will not discover any matches - these results take you back thousands of years instead of the past few generations.  I purposely wanted to see if the findings were similar to the mitDNA Haplogroup results I got about 8 years ago from Ancestry and more recently, from 23andMe.  They were basically the same and also confirmed my Neandertal ancestry that 23andMe had found last summer.

Alas, I had no Denisovian which I suspected I might have since they were known to be in the Siberian/Mongolian/China regions.  My thinking was my eastern European genes might have come from way east in the distant past but I was wrong.

My favorite part of the results was th…

Synchronicity in the Work Place

Synchronicity is the occurrence of events that relate but the connection was made in an unexplainable way.  I've written about odd happening with my genealogy many times before.  Sometimes I randomly start up a conversation with an individual and discover we're related.  A wayward email or a post from long ago (remember mail list servs?!) finds there way to me and uncovers the key to long sought after records.  I'm in an archive miles from where my ancestor lived and something pops in my mind to check an individual out and discover records there that shouldn't be.  Those eebee jeebee occurrences are indeed special!

I realize that all of us humans on planet earth are related; sharing something close to 99.5% DNA.  Perhaps the following true story is not as weird as I see it.  You be the judge.

My primary job is still in the educational arena and that's where the occurrence I'm about to describe happened in mid-January.  The flu hit our workplace hard the first …