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Just received the following email from regarding their Black Friday-Cyber Monday DNA Kit Sale:
There is NO COUPON CODE, as I blogged about on Sunday.  Want to purchase?  Click BUY NOW, look at the top of the page and reclick Buy Now.
Please note:  I have NO business connection with the organization and get NO percentage of sale.  This info is a follow up to my last blog about attempting to purchase the product a few days ago. 
Genealogy is all about patience and this purchase definitely reinforces that!

Holiday DNA Deals? Read Before Purchasing

It's that wonderful time of the year when the DNA companies promote their products with big savings knowing that the family get togethers will turn to great grandma's emigration story and the question everyone wants answered - Where did we really come from?
I've received several emails this week notifying me of "special" offers so I decided to take advantage of the one below: 

 When I go to process the order I get this screen (with my personal info not showing):
The problem is that when I hit "submit order" the lock moves over the words but doesn't process.  I hit the button twice and then, fearing I ordered 4 kits instead of 2, called at 1-800-Ancestry. 
I spoke with Brittany who told me they had no record of the order.  That was good in that I didn't over order but since I wanted 2 kits, I still needed the order processed.  I asked if they were having trouble with their website and she said no.  Brittany tried and couldn't get…

Bringing a Family Heirloom Back to Life

In June, I blogged about some of my genealogy finds when we cleaned out our garage - 2 mahogany chairs in particular. 
The initial estimates I got to refinish the chairs were $500.00 each and the price quoted for the upholstery was $500.00-$800.00 per chair, not including material of which two upholsterers estimated I would need 10 yards. So, it would have cost me over $2000.00 to have both chairs in usable condition.
Yes, they have been in the family since about 1880 but we thought that the quotes were way too much.  I eventually found someone to refinish the chairs for $125.00 each but I had to do touch up and pull out the old tacks.  Hubby had to glue the leg support as the man "forgot" to do it.  It took him over 6 weeks to do his magic so instead of leaving them for him to do correctly, I told him I'd finish it myself.  I'm so glad I did as the hurricanes hit the following week and they were safer with us then in his flood prone neighborhood. 
I'm finally …

Two Blogs With Helpful Research Hints

Happy Daily Savings Day!  With the extra hour, I've got a big day with family planned so I'm going to make this blog quick.  If you missed some recent blogs I've done for other genealogical organizations, please enjoy these posts:

4 Big Genealogy Mistakes That May Be Hurting Your Research (And How to Avoid Them) published by Family History Daily (Please note:  my bio has an error in it - I am currently not "On the Clock" and I've asked that the statement be removed.)

Investigating Your Family Legends published by