Youtube and the Genealogist

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A source that I under use for genealogy is Youtube.  Lisa Louise Cooke reminded me at a local seminar I attended about the valuable information that is available on the site.

There's two ways to find what you're looking for - do a Google Search (duh!) or use the search button on Youtube.  If I type in Google the following - youtube genealogy - I get 8,660,000 results.  Using the search bar on Youtube, I receive 190,000 results for the word genealogy.  Most of those hits are instructional videos.  Youtube can assist your genealogy more personally, though, and help you find information you didn't know was out there.

Try this:  In the Youtube search bar type a surname you are interested in and the words "family history" in quotes.  I did this with my Leininger surname and the first link is to a family reunion in Ohio.  Bingo!  Need to know who has the family Bible or a photo of great grandma?  The folks you've found on Youtube just might hold the key.

You don't stop there, though!  I then decided to check out video to be more specific of the location since Ohio is a large state.  I entered "Celina, Ohio" Kuhn (another family surname I'm interested in and the residence of the family) and more hits are available.

This is a wonderful way to reconnect with family that remained in the hometown, see what the area looks like today and the time investment is minimal as many of the videos are less than 15 minutes in length.  Enjoy!


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